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I love, love coaching & development.  I thrive on seeing people grow, develop and achieve their own unique success, whatever that looks like. It is such an honour to be trusted into someone’s life and share the experience of their highs, lows and ultimately great results.

The professional me

I've been a qualified member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) for over 20 years, have a Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and a Diploma in Life Coaching. 

I've worked in Human Resources for over 20 years providing business support and advice to managers in the areas of Training, Development, Coaching, Employment Law, Recruitment, Reward and Motivation. I was self employed as an HR consultant for 6 years working with a wide range of Small to Medium businesses across a range of industries including plumbing, logistics, insurance brokers, retail and I.T. I then returned to the highlands where I've found my passion for Coaching & Development. It is so rewarding seeing people grow and develop.


Having begun my career in the Hospitality Industry and obtained an M.A. Degree in Hotel and Catering Management I utilised my transferable skills, across different roles, industries and contracts in our flexible and ever changing labour market.  

And a bit about the private me

Based in Ullapool in the Scottish Highlands, I travel to clients throughout Scotland and utilise phone, skype and email for additional communication. I have worked in various locations including Edinburgh, Cardiff, Worcester and Manchester plus a year back packing and working in New Zealand which was amazing. Some time ago now, although the memories are just as vivid and mood transforming. Travel and adventure are important values of mine along with equality, freedom, learning and peace. I returned to my home in the Highlands in 2010 and feel so grateful to live in such a beautiful place with my 2 children, family, fabulous friends and a great community.

A number of unexpected life events found me scrabbling around in rock bottom, desperately needing to find a way to pick myself up and move forward with my life again. These were the times when I grew and learnt so much about myself, what I really wanted and needed in my life. These challenging times opened up a whole new way of seeing and enjoying life.

We always have choice in how we live our lives and those choices are always our own individual responsibility to act upon. Challenging times can be transformed to be the most empowering experiences of our lives.

Clients work towards, achieve and exceed goals in their professional, personal or home life. Many people achieve results that they thought were unattainable. Taking a practical, flexible and down to earth approach, Through a forward looking perspective I carefully select questions to facilitate the client's transformation and success. 


I have been through my own cocktail of ups and downs in life as we all have. I keep learning and growing every day with a zest for life.  I'm passionate about my role and set myself high standards, just what I would expect if I were a client.

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