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Performance Development Coaching for Teenagers

Teenagers are thrown into life with a steep and fast learning curve. Coaching offers the opportunity to facilitate and encourage the teenagers progress.

By drawing out and exploring their hidden strengths, talents, passions and limiting beliefs, coaching will facilitate discovery of the steps to enable them to move forward.

Coaching grows soft skills such as confidence, self esteem, resilience, assertiveness, motivation and proactively setting out to achieve the life they want and deserve.


Concrete, progressive steps will be taken towards achieving their desired goal. Goals may be focused on career progress, interview skills, exam preparation, job applications, setting up a business, health, emotional well-being, change of lifestyle, interests they want to grow or take to the next level, a specific challenge such as a sporting event, learning opportunities, completing a project or qualification or forming positive relationships with people around them. There really are no boundaries to the wide range of goals coaching can support.

The Coach and client form an impartial relationship of trust and confidentiality.  

The Professional Code of Ethics is forwarded to all new clients in advance.

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