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Last year, I got an interview for my dream job. I wanted the job so badly but didn't feel very optimistic about getting it as I had always interviewed so badly. No matter how much I prepared I seemed to lose my nerve and come across in a way which I felt wasn't representative of who I was. Then a friend suggested I contact Morven as she'd had some experience of Morven's coaching and thought she was amazing. I met with Morven the week before my interview. I am so, so glad I did. She was so professional, calm, measured and reassuring but in a very personable and un-fake way. She was realistic and I could tell she wasn't saying things just for the sake of it but was looking at exactly who I was and what I could offer to the post. I left that meeting with a new sense of optimism and restored confidence. I got the job and roll on 8 months later I am still loving my dream job. If you think you might need a little boost with developing your interviewing skills you really have nothing to lose by contacting Morven, as it can only end positively. She obviously can't guarantee you get the job, but she helps you hone your skills and focus on what matters in how you present yourself, therefore giving you the best chance possible. Go for it!

Fiona Mackenzie, March 2018

I wanted to say a big thank you to Morven for helping me gain so much confidence in my interview skills, which has enabled me to get into college. She helped me believe that it is not bad to talk about your achievements but to be proud of them, it's not bad to stand up for what you believe in. After having her support in these skills and more, I have since been able to go into interviews confidently and speak up when I'm spoken to.


If you struggle with confidence or just need a few tips in things such as interview skills or job application support, then I'd definitely recommend Morven

Maisy Richards August 2017

I recently took part in a couple of workshops by Highland Life Coaching. Morven is a wonderful listener and offered excellent practical advice. I left the workshop feeling more confident about myself and with the tools and self knowledge I needed to move forward in my life. I would strongly recommend Highland Life Coaching.


Theresa Brown August 2017

Enjoyed a much appreciated life coaching few hours with the warm, friendly and knowledgable Morven.


Sandra Leitch June 2017

Morven is an inspiring & talented individual & I would highly recommend her services. She cares to do the right thing and can help clients to be the best they can be.

Kim Richardson, December 2017

I was fortunate enough to receive life coaching from Morven last year. I found the process very beneficial. Morven is very easy to talk to, professional and friendly at the same time.


Kerry Kerr, February 2017

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