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Connecting with a Beautiful, Blue Whale?

We often think of confidence coming from academic or work achievements, pushing our boundaries and breaking free of our comfort zones. Of course it's true, these achievements do give us a very welcome and significant confidence boost.

So where does connection come in?

Connection with people, animals, nature and the world around us. Although intangible, connection is profound in the way it impacts our lives and our direction. Every one of us feels it in different ways and from different sources.

Coaching success is based on a solid foundation of that strong and limitless feeling of connection. Vital for increasing confidence and creating the motivational energy to move forwards.

I recently experienced a wonderful bonus moment of connection. A young client presented me with this beautiful, handmade gift completely unexpectedly and with no expectation of anything in return. I love the transparent and trusting connection that is created between Coach and client. It is such a privilege to be invited into someone's life and share many

intimate moments and experiences with them whilst coaching them on their journey towards their goal.

This young client gave me so much with this unprompted, meaningful and priceless gift. My confidence was boosted and the connection and trust between us solidified further. Every time I look at him (I think he's a boy) sitting beside me on my desk, i'm reminded of the genuine and sincere way he was given to me and that is truly confidence boosting. Worth more to me than any certificate and gives me a warm rosy glow inside. Personal Development Coaching is such a rewarding job. I really love it.

I strive to follow my young clients example and pass this amazing confidence boosting approach on to others. Connection is vital to contentment, however we achieve it.

So what to call him? Any suggestions?

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